"Art challenges technology, and technology inspires art."
J. Lasseter *

Since 2003 we are committed to a dialogue between technology and creativity, convinced that no digital project (presenting a new car, telling the story of a fashion brand or sell online) can be made "only" by a great creative idea or a perfect technical execution.

In our offices in Milan creative design leverages the technology and every technical solution is approached creatively.

Thanks to this we create and design, we program and bring online brand experience and customer experience solutions effective and innovative, working for large Italian and multinational companies.

That's why we are Full Creative Technologists

WIP Italia, proudly digital since 2003
* In addition to being Chief Creative Officer at Pixar Animation Studios John Lasseter personally directed Toy Story and Cars. And that for us and our children is even more important.
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Dopo parecchi anni di collaborazione ritrovo nello staff Wip la medesima freschezza creativa, genialità, professionalità e simpatia da ambiente goliardico universitario. Un vero piacere lavorare insieme: divertente e proficuo!

Francesco Tedeschi CEO Presto Italia

Wip Italia coniuga la freschezza creativa, la flessibilita’ e la competitivita’ in termini economici tipiche di una giovane agenzia con la professionalita’ e affidabilita’ di una struttura consolidata. In più, lavorare con loro è piacevole e divertente, cosa mai scontata.

Laura Pistolesi EMEA Content Manager PayPal

Wip Italia have a huge knowledge and experience on 3D and Interactive project development, merged with a good work methodology and client/team management. All project developed together was always on time and perfect on specific.

Mirko Pasqualini Creative Director Arc World Wide - 2009

I’ve worked with Wipitalia both in Leo Burnett and GMN. They showed great commitment for all the activities, contributing with brilliant creative proposals, high flexibility to meet our needs, respect of deadlines, and effordables fees. Moreover they are absolutely trustable and reliable, showing great honesty on all matters. From my experience, I would be very glad to keep on working with Wipitalia in the future.

Chiara Sacchi Game Media Networks


  • Web Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Communication Strategies
  • Adv Project Management and consultancy
  • User Experience Consultancy
  • Usability Analisys
  • User Interface & Interaction design
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Copywriting
  • Visual & Corporate Design
  • Direction, Screenplay
  • Character Design.
  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Motion & Visual Design
  • Compositing Audio / Video
  • Rendering & 3D Animation.